Top 10 reasons to plant native trees and shrubs

The top 10 reasons to plant native trees and shrubs:

  1. Provide erosion control by wind and water.
  2. Require less maintenance once established without chemicals and with minimal watering.
  3. Give back to nature and increase biomass.
  4. Are non-invasive and help control invasive species.
  5. Are on our side and establish with a high rate of success which is very rewarding.
  6. Adapt to our existing soils and climate and are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  7. Have a sense of belonging and blend into the existing landscape.
  8. Act as a host plant for other plants, animals and insects and natural succession.
  9. Have been around long before humans, and are part of our natural history.
  10. Provide food and habitat for insects, birds and other animals.
Big Tooth Aspen

Big Tooth Aspen