Hosting the Dufferin Town and Country Farm Tour


  Hosting a Farm Tour Here at Not So Hollow Farm we are extremely excited for this coming Saturday! Starting at 9am on Saturday, September 30th, we are one of the locations for the Dufferin Town and Country Farm Tour (Find out more). We are opening our doors and inviting everyone to learn about our farm, native plants, gardening, permaculture and so much more! The … [Read more...]

Five Native Berry-Producing Trees and Shrubs for Birds


Birds and Berries For gardeners, from beginner to avid, there is great satisfaction watching a flock of native birds happily dining on juicy berries from a shrub on your property. This especially true when the berry-producer was selected for this very purpose. It's visual confirmation that your landscaping is a benefit to local ecosystem and its species. The cherry on top is … [Read more...]

Spring Housing Market

eastern-bluebird-570499 (1)

Back From Holiday Spring is right around the corner. The birds are on their way back from a winter in warmer climes. Soon the fresh morning air will be filled with a chorus of varied song. Spring is a wonderful time of year as nature awakes from its winter slumber. But there is a problem for many of the spring migrants and year-round residents alike. Prime locations for … [Read more...]

Wild Bounty

Common Elder berry

Well, it's the time of year when gardeners start to plan for the coming season! We have received quite a few emails and calls over the past few weeks. Interestingly, all of the inquiries have been about native edibles. We call it wild bounty. We are thrilled that there is a growing interest in incorporating more edibles into the landscape. It makes perfect sense -  why … [Read more...]