Let’s Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!


Somebody is turning 150 this year! Fortunately, our great country is looking fabulous for its age. Are you in need of a way to celebrate this monumental birthday? Of course, this is besides wearing a toque, watching hockey and adding “eh” to the end of every sentence! How about an exciting way to celebrate that establishes a long standing legacy and will benefit every Canadian. … [Read more...]

Five Native Berry-Producing Trees and Shrubs for Birds


Birds and Berries For gardeners, from beginner to avid, there is great satisfaction watching a flock of native birds happily dining on juicy berries from a shrub on your property. This especially true when the berry-producer was selected for this very purpose. It's visual confirmation that your landscaping is a benefit to local ecosystem and its species. The cherry on top is … [Read more...]