Maple Leaves Forever Foundation

The Foundation

Maple Leaves Forever Foundation (MLF) is a charitable foundation that advocates and supports the planting of native Canadian maple trees. The foundation was started officially in 2000 by businessman and maple tree enthusiast Ken Jewett. The goal of MLF is to increase the number of native maples in both the rural and urban landscape across southern Ontario.


Maple Leaves Forever Foundation aims to accomplish its mission by providing landowners with access to proper care and planting education, a list of accredited nurseries and a rebate incentive when choosing native maple trees.

Thank-You Rebate

In order to qualify for the 25% rebate program a landowner must purchase the trees from a supplier that is certified by Maple Leaves Forever Foundation. The foundation works with partners who offer native, seed-zone specific sugar, red and silver maples. A complete list of its partners can be found here.

Not So Hollow Farm is proud to be a certified nursery partner for (MLF). We have a wide range of native maple trees that qualify for the program. We would be happy to help you find the right maples from our stock so you can join us celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday.

For more information about quantities (minimum 10 trees), size specifications (minimum 150cm) and species that meet the requirements for the 25% rebate program please click here.

For information about what maple tree is best for you please click here.

Happy Birthday Canada!