Hosting the Dufferin Town and Country Farm Tour


  Hosting a Farm Tour Here at Not So Hollow Farm we are extremely excited for this coming Saturday! Starting at 9am on Saturday, September 30th, we are one of the locations for the Dufferin Town and Country Farm Tour (Find out more). We are opening our doors and inviting everyone to learn about our farm, native plants, gardening, permaculture and so much more! The … [Read more...]

Let’s Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday!


Somebody is turning 150 this year! Fortunately, our great country is looking fabulous for its age. Are you in need of a way to celebrate this monumental birthday? Of course, this is besides wearing a toque, watching hockey and adding “eh” to the end of every sentence! How about an exciting way to celebrate that establishes a long standing legacy and will benefit every Canadian. … [Read more...]

Monarchs Need Milkweed


The brilliant orange contrasted by jet black accents are the unmistakable flashes of color showcased by the monarch butterfly. Grace and elegance are words that come to mind when thinking of this wonderful species floating about in a garden. But there is more to the story than simply the sheer beauty of this fascinating  creature. Every year this delicate, little butterfly … [Read more...]

Spring Housing Market

eastern-bluebird-570499 (1)

Back From Holiday Spring is right around the corner. The birds are on their way back from a winter in warmer climes. Soon the fresh morning air will be filled with a chorus of varied song. Spring is a wonderful time of year as nature awakes from its winter slumber. But there is a problem for many of the spring migrants and year-round residents alike. Prime locations for … [Read more...]

Winter Workshops at the Farm


Rumour has it...snow's a comin'! Perfect for setting the mood for making a winter wreath! Beginning on Thursday, November 17th join us for Winter Workshops at the farm. For 2016 we have added evening workshops, more daytime workshops during the week and also some Sunday workshops to help fit in to your busy schedule. Bring your friends, family or the gang from work and spend … [Read more...]

Eat Like A Bird


Eat Like A Bird is a saying we have all heard many times which usually means to not eat very much. What some of us don't realize is that birds actually eat a LOT! Recently we were at the Toronto Botanical Gardens where we had a booth as part of a conference co-hosted by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council and Carolinian Canada. The highlight of the conference was listening … [Read more...]

Feed The Bees

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Feed The Bees We are so excited about our "The Buzz on Dandelions" campaign to help Feed The Bees. My Daughter doesn't like us to use the phrase "it"s gone Viral" but what the heck. Let's help Feed the Bees!As of the writing of this post we have reached 31,170 people worldwide through our Facebook post of a Lawn Sign CLICK HERE we created to raise awareness about the … [Read more...]


bee banner

CHECK OUT THESE LAWN SIGNS! Available mid-February. Get some before the snow all melts and the grass is growing. You can pick them up when visiting the farm by checking the hours tab to find out when we are open. THE BUZZ ON DANDELIONS THE IMPORTANCE OF POLLINATORS: Pollinators are an essential part of the ecosystem, maintaining the balance and sustainability of many … [Read more...]

Pollinator Totes


Want to help pollinators around your home? Check out Viki's new creation of Pollinator Totes. All of the plants are organically grown and are 100% Neonicitinoid and GMO free. Even the soil mix is organic!  The Pollinator Totes themselves are an attractive dark brown and  manufactured with a fabric made of recycled pop bottles. You might not be aware that depending on where … [Read more...]

Holiday Workshops are now in full swing


Even though there is no snow (yet) on the ground here at Not So Hollow Farm our Holiday Workshops are now well underway. Viki and the crew have been gathering and enhancing the natural and local holiday decor to make wreaths, swags and urn inserts to decorate your home or business. They also make great gifts and we do offer shipping as well. Most of the dates are on … [Read more...]